'The Vampire Diaries' Season 1's villainous Damon is back

After the mind-blowing epic-ness that was "The Vampire Diaries" 100th episode, expectations were honestly pretty low for Thursday's (Jan. 30) all-new episode, "The Devil Inside." After all the nostalgic returns, game-changing reveals and hot Klaroline sex, how could anything after measure up? But it's easy to forget. This is "TVD." There is no such thing as a boring episode of "TVD."And oh boy, "The Devil Inside" was one crazy ride. We knew that Katherine was going to work with Nadia and a Traveler (who seemed to have traveled from the '90s because um crimped hair? Seriously?) to get ahold of her body so they could finish the spell and make Katherine a permanent fixture in Elena's body. One problem: Damon hid her body (in the tomb, because that's just poetic) as a final middle finger to Katherine. He was still taking his breakup hard.That meant Katherine had to pretend to be Elena while in...



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