'White Collar' finale: Season 6 promises changes for the Burkes

"White Collar" brought Neal's con-woman love storyline to a close Thursday (Jan. 30) with "Diamond Exchange," which sent Agent Burke and Neal on a sort of treasure hunt around New York.After breaking out of prison, Rebecca (guest star Bridget Regan) poisons Mozzie and tells Neal she'll only give up the antidote if Neal gets her the diamond. The clock is ticking, as the poison will shutdown Mozzie's system in roughly six hours. It sends the guys on their very own "DaVinci Code" caper to Fort Totten, an old Army installation in Queens. After Mozzie collapses and is taken to the hospital, Neal and Peter find the diamond but Rebecca was following them all along and steals it at gunpoint, locking them up and saying she'll give up the antidote once she's out of the city, which was not the deal she initially made.Luckily, Jones and Diana track Rebecca's trail after she broke out of prison...



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