Parks and Recreation Recap: Best Friends, Literally


Can we talk about how many feelings there were last night? So many! So let’s get through this good-bye together, checking in at regular intervals with my newly patented Feelings-o-meter, just to make sure we’re all doing okay or, at least, that we’re all crying together.


Leslie is throwing Ann an epic going away party with everything Ann’s ever wanted and a bunch of things Ann doesn’t remember wanting but Leslie will push for anyway — hey, she casually mentioned three years ago that she thought indoor fireworks would be really cool! In a beautiful coming-full-circle thing, Leslie wants to break ground on Pawnee Commons at midnight, the very park that brought these two best friends together in the first place. Here we get a flashback to Ann demanding Leslie do something about the pit and Leslie swearing her most solemn vow: “It’s more than a promise. It’s a pinky promise.”  Read More...


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