Duck Dynasty 5.04 Review- “From Duck ‘Til Dawn”

All I’ve been reading about lately (other than my own reviews over and over again) is how Duck Dynasty is performing the ratings. Granted, it’s been performing better than most cable shows of its kind, but it kind of makes you wonder why. Someone would argue that its Phil Robertson’s controversial comments, others would argue that it’s lack of promotion for the season. I think it might have to do with the latest episodes.

Now while I love Duck Dynasty, and Season 5 has been good up to this point, it has not made me laugh out loud quite like it used to. I only propose this theory because I care about the show and of course want to continue to enjoy it. Last week, while I enjoyed the main plot about Si making a movie about himself, I didn’t care too much for the Willie and the kids subplot. I felt the same way about this episode, except that the subplot was the main plot.



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