Workaholics 4.02 Review: “Fry Guys”

Ah, I’m so happy it’s finally Workaholics Wednesday.  With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, my other weekly comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is temporarily pushed until Sunday night.  Last week’s season premiere was a funny opener that brought the guys back in style and covered the currently popular topic of the EDM culture.  I’m still laughing about their outfits, hah. Last night’s episode, titled “Fry Guys,” took Adam, Blake, and Anders’ destructively hilarious antics to a new level.

The episode opens up with Blake screaming in the backyard where Adam and Ders rush out to find him fully clothed and in the pool giving mouth to mouth to a koi fish along with a bunch of other belly up koi fish that he rescued from his favorite, but now closing P.F. Changs (no P.F. did not die).  Blake ends up causing the deaths for the fish he was saving because their pool is loaded with chlorine… so they have to drain it and can’t save any of the fish, even Blake’s CPR didn’t work.  The opening was so funny; being random and unexpected, immediately throwing in great one-liners from all three of the guys.  They decide not to let the fish go to waste and treat the office to a fish fry lunch.



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