Elementary 2.14 Review: “Dead Clade Walking”

This was a bittersweet episode of Elementary. On one hand, its central mystery is a forced mix of contrivances and predictability; on the other, we see a new side of Sherlock as he takes on a different kind of case.

In “Dead Clade Walking,” there are dinosaurs, junkies, ice cream trucks and museums. A crime scene photo from one of Sherlock’s cold cases has Watson curious about an odd rock that is way out of place. With the help of a geologist, she discovers that it’s actually a dinosaur fossil. Sherlock and Watson soon find themselves dealing with black market smugglers who have a taste for rare artifacts, and a character known as “The Magpie.” Along the way, Sherlock learns of the “Dead Clade Walking” theory, which claims that science hasn’t been too honest about dinosaurs, thanks to an academic conspiracy that would get Dan Brown’s blood pumping – one that ends in murder and money.




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