The Tomorrow People 1.12 Review: ”Sitting Ducks”

The Tomorrow People has only had a few flaws so far in its first season and one of them has been the lack of Madeleine Mantock’s Astrid. “Sitting Ducks” finally gave us more of her because as a viewer, there is still a lot we don’t know about her. Mantock is a great actress so it’s a shame if they don’t use her.

What really clicked in this episode were John and Astrid, which we got a hint to in “Death’s Door” last year. While the chemistry between Peyton List and Luke Mitchell is really strong, Mitchell and Mantock do work pretty great together. One question though, will John ever be able to catch a break from violence at all?

Because either he gets beaten up brutally by several Ultra gents or he gets shot and seriously injured. But despite that, it gave Astrid and John the opportunity to bond by her saving his life. While it’s unclear what the current status of John and Cara is right now, a John/Astrid hook-up would definitely not be a bad idea. If they are aiming to get these two together, then they should definitely not rush it and just build up to it in a good pace.



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