Parks and Recreation 6.13 “Ann And Chris” Review: LITERALLY the Best Goodbye Ever

Last night’s episode of Parks and Recreation had the difficult task of saying goodbye to Ann and Chris, and much like last week’s Community, which bid farewell to Troy, the series did  so with a great combination of laughs and tears, equal parts hilarious gags and heartfelt moments. While neither Ann nor Chris has ever been one of my favorite Parks and Recreation characters, the show did a great job at making me feel sad about their departure and also made me realize the great importance that both Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe had in making this series so special.

The reason why “Ann And Chris” works so well, as both a touching goodbye to two characters we’ve gotten to know for a few seasons and as a comedic sitcom episode, is because it never falters and falls into the sentimental. No, instead, the Parks and Recreation writers keep each character consistent and correct, giving everyone from Tom to Ron to Donna and even April a chance to say a goodbye to both Ann and Chris that feels equal parts funny and fitting. (My two favorite goodbye scenes had to be Donna and April’s to Chris and April’s touching, sweet, and muttered “I love you, too” farewell to Ann.)



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