Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.15 Review: “Operation: Broken Feather”

Regardless of how you all felt about the result for the Super Bowl; your nights should have either quickly gotten better, or never stopped being great after viewing last night’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  It’s fantastic that the show was able to fill one of the post Super bowl slots and hopefully a bunch of new viewers were able to stick around after New Girl and catch episode 15, “Operation: Broken Feather”.

First I want to point out how great the intro scene was that placed us at the more important football game of the night: B-99 vs. the FDNY. Marshall Boone (Patton Oswalt) was back with more nonsensical remarks of trash talk before trying to defeat Peralta.  It wouldn’t matter though, because the nine-nine had Terry on the field to run train and show off his dance moves (because he chooses to) as he, literally, carried the team to victory.



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