The Following 2.03 Review: “Trust Me”

It’s strange to what extent The Following can contradict itself in the space of just one episode. In one moment, the show might give off the impression that it knows how incompetent its law enforcement officials have been in the past or it might suggest that other characters realize how ridiculous Ryan Hardy is – the female FBI agent tells Ryan that he shouldn’t over-identify with the victims. In another moment, these lessons appear to have not been learned at all. There are details like an agent shooting and killing a cultist for running away. Granted, the cultist in this case is running towards a detonator to blow up the house that the FBI is invading, but the way the camera moves tells the viewer that the agent doesn’t realize this until after shooting the person in cold blood. It’s not just that the FBI is constantly outsmarted by a group of insane people; it’s that they appear to be a force that could be outsmarted by children.



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