Archer 5.04 Review: “Archer Vice: House Call”

Considering how unrestricted Archer Vice is in terms of where it can physically go, it’s amazing how well “House Call” functions at this point in the season by taking place completely in the Tunt mansion. The highlight reel that concluded the season premiere promised a whole lot of action – including international settings – or at least gave off that impression. And yet “House Call” is content to take some time off from the ex-ISIS crew’s attempts to sell their merchandise to potential buyers (before Pam eats it all) and, instead, focus on where these characters are at while the mansion is searched by the FBI.
The most genuine (if you can call anything that Archer ever does by using the word “genuine”) of the character-based sequences is between Lana and Sterling in the kitchen. Archer does his typical Archer thing by cracking jokes to alleviate any kind of seriousness there could in a discussion that ought to be serious, but his true colors shine through in ways that make it easy to see how much he really cares about Lana. Their relationship is the closest thing Archer has to romantic interest between two of its central characters. Yet, it’s the platonic stuff that’s just as powerful and much more believable in their case. Archer doesn’t need to express love or anything like that; he just needs to reassure Lana that she’s going to be okay in the end, which he manages to do with charm and crudeness in equal measures.



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