Being Human 4.04 Review: “Panic Womb”

This week’s episode of Being Human, “Panic Womb,” was chock full of exploring what has and has not changed about our Boston roommates over the series. Oh, and there were were-babies.

It would seem that the new wolf is altering Josh’s very core. His first in episode appearance has him doing hanging sit-ups and trying to organize his life through a to-do list that he can’t even find. To top it off, the last item on the list is a pumpkin doodle he swears up and down means something. If only he can remember. All of this is so not Josh that it warrants more than the side glance Sally gives Nora as he excites their bedroom.

As we see, the sit ups were only the tip of the iceberg. Josh has plans to do a 10 mile run, but is temporarily interrupted when Aidan shows up in the kitchen with Kenny. Awkward. We see a new side of Josh, but Aidan fires back with a “There has to be room for human (even though we are not) error, you know like that time you purposely left your cage open and almost killed us all because you wanted me to kill you.” This hits Josh, but he does not back down. In fact, it’s Nora stepping in – to agree with Aidan – that forces Josh to re-calibrate.

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