Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.16 Review: “The Party”

Here we are, back so soon after Brooklyn Nine-Nine was holding out all week to air in the post, post Superbowl slot. With the success of New Girl already established, I was hoping to see the Nine-Nine get placed right after the Superbowl and pick up some new viewers in any channel lurkers or dedicated New Girlfans hanging around.  However, the show was dropped into the post, post Superbowl time slot and delivered another solid episode that returned the focus onto the shows main characters.

Last night’s episode, “The Party”, had the entire gang over to Captain Holt’s house for his birthday party and meeting his husband, Kevin, for the first time.  The episode focuses mainly on Holt and reveals his off-duty casual side, but while he is enjoying his party Terry is left to babysit everyone at their first “adult party”.  I felt that this episode spread the time out really well and did a good job with the storytelling arcs. The main emphasis was, like last week, kept on Holt, Peralta, Santiago, and Terry, but differed from “Operation: Broken Feather” by handling the supporting character’s minor side plots better.



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