Supernatural 9.13 Review: “The Purge”

Season Nine of Supernatural has been a little strange. The first eleven or so episodes were about Dean keeping a secret from Sam, while the two brothers simultaneously tried to get a handle on the angel situation. Cas has popped in and out at random intervals. It was a wholly different, wholly serialized show that most everyone recognized playing the same notes over and over again (with varying degrees of success, of course; Season Five is so much better than Season Seven that it’s almost comical). But now? Since “Sharp Teeth”? It’s something different.

We open cold, spectating a professional hot dog eating contest (is there an amateur tour for eating? A farm league, perhaps?). A very large man named Wayne and a very skinny man named Jim are competing for the thousand dollar check. Wayne wins, but Jim accuses him of stuffing a hot dog down his pocket (Wayne’s response: “Hate to break it to you, pal; that’s no hot dog!”).  Wayne is then murdered; all the fat is sucked off his body and his organs are just a pulpy mess. A tiny nitpick: Wayne being a cheater wasn’t relevant to the plot at all. It seemed like to me that that little tidbit of information was to make the audience feel less sympathetic when he was sucked dry. Dude cheated at a hot dog eating contest; he didn’t bomb the UK. Feeling sympathy for him is okay.



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