Is it just me, or do you think the Twilight movie is going to be pretty cheesy?

i know, i know..There will probably be alot of controversy over this topic, but i mean, dont you agree that every great book is practically ruined or at least your image of what it was in your head before the movie is completely trashed after watching the movie?

dont get me wrong, i LOVE Twilight...Heck, ive read the books like 3 times each. but ive seen a few snippets of the movie on youtube and whatnot, but i dont know...there are scenes that are quite over dramatized if you will.

Probably the only reason i will watch Twilight is for the Edward Cullen scenes...i mean Rob Pattinson...i love you...

My Rob obsession started from Harry Potter...its not a "Twilight Thing"

im also a Harry Potter fan, so it saddens me that we have to wait till june of 09 to watch the movie!:(


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Nov 15, 2008 7:26PM EST

Hmmm... well I don't think it's maybe that cheesy but I think that maybe the book would be better than the movie. Since the books are so long and big how will they put all the important scenes into the movies. I read this book once called speak and saw the movie and with my point of view the book was much better. I thought speak the movie didn't put in enough of the good parts in the book. I hope Twilight will put in most important scenes and I hope it's not short. Speak was a very short movie for me. If Twilight was a 3 hour movie i wouldn't mind! haha

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Nov 24, 2008 6:52PM EST

yea i know...i watched the movie this Friday actually, and absolutely hated it...i dont think it was worth it...except for Rob Pattinson being in the movie...what i think happened is that they rushed through the movie waay too much...some of the important scenes were not added, and i felt as if the directing and editing in come scenes were disgusting.i mean...dd you see Edward sparkle?...seriously!
To me, the movie was more comedic than anything else. I think ill stick to the books:)im not going to lie, id actually go watch new moon when its out. its not that i wont watch the moves now, its just that theyre kind of a disappointment!
anyway, thats what i think...i dunno...

Dec 8, 2008 7:37PM EST

yeah but ain't it always a disappoitment when you watch a movie after you read the book?? and then you get used to it and accept it eventually, like with the harry potter movies.... i guess the sparkle thing wasn't easy to do anyway.and, if you hated (or loved) the movie, you should read this (especially if you read the book) it is HILARIOUS!:

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Dec 9, 2008 4:07PM EST

ive read a her stuff...this person is hilariousthe growing up cullen is soooooo should read them all

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