American Idol Recap: We’re Just Wild About Harry


You guys! The audition episodes are already over! With Omaha safely behind us, the slow, soggy, undignified business of plucking the best singers from America’s second-tier cities is complete, in six breezy episodes. Nobody got humiliated, nobody got positively reinforced for showing up in a costume, nobody got outed or hospitalized or thrown down a shame spiral. We rescued the prisoners from a lifetime of anonymity, and there were no casualties. President Obama should invite the new Idol production team to the next State of the Union Address.


Before we dive in, I’m going to take a moment and discuss our judges, who I would argue are the best in the show’s history. Keith Urban is still a little quiet, and there are moments when I’d swear he’s still thawing out from last year’s judges' table ice storm. But he’s settling in and finding his voice, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him. When you free him from the responsibility of preventing a live, televised dual diva-cide, he’s actually got a lot to offer. Jennifer Lopez is the veteran of the gang, and she clearly got the message that her job is to bring the sweetness. This she does with great relish; she’s broken the tie and sent some of the more interesting singers to Hollywood, but so far I don’t really have a sense for what she doesn’t like. Randy Jackson isn’t bellowing over you anymore, J.Lo — don’t miss your chance to tell us what you really think.  Read More...


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