'Doctor Who': Is Matt Smith appearing in the Season 8 premiere?

Peter Capaldi hasn't even properly started his "Doctor Who" tenure, but it Matt Smith already making a cameo in Season 8? According to one report, that might be the case.A fan observing filming of the new season tells Bleeding Cool there is a scene where Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) is on the phone with someone, questioning whether the old man in front of her (Capaldi) is indeed the Doctor. She eventually realizes he is and throw her arms around him, but not before Capaldi asks if the Doctor is who she's speaking to.Capaldi was also reportedly heard asking crew members about what "Matt's lines" would be on the phone, making it seem like a possibility Smith's voice will appear in the Season 8 premiere. Naturally, there is no confirmations one way or the other if the set report is true, or even if Smith's voice will appear in the episode.If anyone could convince Clara of who...



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