'Bones': Hodgins finds his brother in 'The Heiress on the Hill'

Money doesn't buy happiness. With "Bones" featuring a rich man's daughter seemingly kidnapped and murdered, plus Hodgins finding out he has an institutionalized and schizophrenic brother, that may be the theme of "The Heiress on the Hill."You think your family is dysfunctional?The victim of the week, Lauren Frank, comes from a highly dysfunctional family. Although she lived with her father and stepmother in a crazy nice mansion, Lauren was angry at everyone, especially her stepmother.How did she deal with this? The young woman faked her own kidnapping -- complete with the removal of her own toe -- in order to get ransom money out of her parents and escape to South America with her boyfriend. Unfortunately for Lauren, she cut the toe with rusty clippers and contracted tetanus. Her accomplice -- the family's dog walker who thought Lauren was in love with him -- tried to save the young woman with penicillin.It's just too...



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