'Black Sails' Season 1 episode II: John Silver makes himself indispensable

The race for the Spanish treasure heats up on "Black Sails" Saturday (Feb. 1), with John Silver running to and fro in Nassau trying to get a quick payday for the schedule that will point the way to the bounty to whomever will pay him.It's Captain Flint and Jack Rackham who are pursuing Silver, with Rackham willing to pay 5000 pesos in pearls for the information. Charles Vane cautions Rackham at making such a hasty trade, but Calico Jack doesn't listen. The original plan is for Silver and Max to make the deal for the log sheet and escape to Port Royal, but there's a problem -- Eleanor Guthrie gets excited about the tale Flint spins for her of cultivating Nassau by planting crops, arming the city against all comers and making a civilization instead of a pirate shanty town.Eleanor demands the schedule from Max to give to Flint but Max wants to complete the...



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