'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Adam Sandler heckles Andy Samberg and Joe Theismann breaks his other leg

Man, like we needed more football last night. But, dear"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" you get major points for Terry Crews touchdown dancing to "The Karate Kid's" "You're the Best Around" (seriously, someone Google Joe Esposito and find out what he's up to) playing in the background during the episode opener.Cleaning HouseThe precinct is in need of some shaping up, and Terry and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) are going to make some changes to get things moving more productively. They're so cute when they're optimistic.Nothing they do actually creates any positive change. They make Diaz mad, thus blocking people from using the bathroom, give Gina a mirror to keep her busy with her own reflection, and reshuffle the location of the toaster and some of the desks in the department. The entire group confronts Holt and Terry to knock it off. Fairly pointless storyline, but we did get to see Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) wear a white fringed jacket that ended...



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