What a wonderfully random episode! This was a bit of a “what are they smoking in the writers' room!?” week on Community, but in all the right ways. And it was certainly consistently funny, as we followed Annie and Hickey on their guest star-packed journey though Greendale.

While Nathan Fillion was the hyped up guest star this week, he was only one of many, as Annie and Hickey spoke to Kumail Nanjani, Paget Brewster, Robert Patrick and the returning Jerry Minor, all playing folks who work at Greendale (and thus could return again). There was a bit of a “Hey, look who we got!” aspect to seeing so many guests packed in, but it was still very fun and most likely speaks to how much people just like Community, including within the industry, and were happy to pop over to the set to film a scene or two, with everyone given at least one standout moment - Fillion, so frustrated to not be seeing his porn, was awesome. In the end, it was also nice to see Hickey ultimately do a very kind thing and get that bulletin board (or donate his) for Annie.



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