Girls Recap: The True Struggles of Humanity

“You will never write a thing that matters because you will never understand the true struggles of humanity,” Caroline, Adam’s sister, hisses at Hannah after Hannah, in a fit of frustration, ejects the interloper from her apartment. I feel conflicted about Caroline’s disappearance into the concrete jungle. On the one hand, Gabby Hoffman’s demented performance (and Mickey Mouse sweatshirt) were impossible to deny. On the other, Caroline sometimes seemed like a way for Girls to make Hannah look saner, while putting off resolving the show’s indecision about how to modulate the character. But what really brought me around on a character I initially hated was the ways in which Caroline surpassed even Ray as a diagnoser of Hannah’s problems — even if she tended to reach all the correct conclusions by paths accessible only to those with whatever her particular pathology happens to be. And when Caroline tells Hannah that she’ll never write anything that lasts, she’s speaking out of spite, but saying aloud something the show has been suggesting for a while.  Read More...


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