'Sherlock' season 3 finale: Amanda Abbington reveals her James Bond link

"They're all pretty screwed up," Amanda Abbington tells Zap2it about her character and those of her "Sherlock" co-stars. "She's an assassin; he's a sociopath; and John's killed a psychopathic cabbie."In Sunday's (Feb.2) Season 3 finale, Abbington's character, pregnant Mrs. Mary Watson, wife of Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), best pal to Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), reveal herself to be a trained assassin just before popping a bullet from a serious-looking gun into Sherlock's torso. As it turned out she was being blackmailed by the real villain, Magnussen (Lars MIkkelsen) and didn't shoot to kill, but it's safe to say the revelation was a shock in an episode full of shocks.The gun Abbington used in the scene now links "Sherlock" to another great British franchise."I was taught admirably by a firearms expert," Abbington says. "I did really well, loved it. I was so frightened of it. He gave me this fun, apparently it was James Bond's...



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