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What's wrong with fans??

all i've been reading is how everyone wants another season, and i do too...but lets say they were gonna add a fourth season, what would they do? the seasons were responding to the element aang was learning in that time period, so they cant call it air, are they gonna call it cozmic? that would be retarded... so if they do come up with a season, what are they going to be doing? the avater already saved the world, and zuko is gonna be searching for his mom(great topic, more searching) plus Aang isn't getting any screen time if it's like that. so, in my conclusion, THERE'S NO WAY THEY CAN MAKE ANOTHER SEASON!!! go watch another anime, or maybe get alittle fresh air, cuz i know the people who watch episodes on the computer dont get outside.


| 16:37 EDT, 13 Aug, 2008
I agree totally ....Iam still catching up on the series but I understand.
| 20:31 EDT, 12 Aug, 2008
the Next books should Be Air Because The Story Would BeIncomplete for one reason when aang die and the next three avatarsdie the next one must be a air bender so if he he don't rebuild the air benders the avatar will die out just like the fire nations wanted them too in the first place then when war break out again like it all ways does there will be no one to stop it this time
| 20:13 EDT, 12 Aug, 2008
ure right its done...kaput!
| 00:20 EDT, 11 Aug, 2008
Yeah, this is true. Everyone wants it to go on, but people have to understand that IT HAS TO END. Even if it could go on, it would eventually have to end. Every anime episode has to end somewhere, and if it endlessly drags on, it gets annoying. Avatar: The Last Airbender got as far as 3 seasons, and well over 60 episodes. It's DONE.

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