'Teen Wolf' - 'Silverfinger' recap: Oni, oh no not Stiles!

"Teen Wolf," why do you love/hate us so?"Silverfinger" is the first episode to make it absolutely clear that our beloved Stiles -- good, sweet, loyal Stiles -- has turned into an evil, murderous creature with the ability to subdue Japanese spirits and then wander off like nothing's wrong. Is Stiles the Big Bad of Season 3? Can our poor, Stilinski-loving hearts take this torture?On the other hand, evil Stiles is super hot. So maybe it's cool.'This one time, when I was doing a weapons deal with the yakuza ...'There's good news and there's bad news at the beginning of this "Teen Wolf." The good news is that Argent is fine and relatively un-bloody. The bad news is that he has seen the Smoke Ninjas before and they're pretty much indestructible.Also, under those masks is nothing but absolute darkness. This doesn't sound good at all.Fortunately, when Argent saw the Smoke Ninjas before, he was in Japan...



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