B.J. Novak's Amazing Spider-Man 2 Role Revealed

While we knew B.J. Novak had a role in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2, it wasn't until the film's director Marc Webb dropped a tweet referring to The Office actor as "A. Smythe" that the Internet deduced Novak must be playing Alistair Smythe. If our memory of Spiderman: The Animated Series still serves (and as children of the '90s, we believe it does), Alistair Smythe inherited his father's hatred for Spider-Man as well as his army of homicidal Spider-Slayer robots designed to take Spidey out. So if Webb is going by the established canon, that means The Amazing Spider-Man 2 technically has four villains. Four villains! By the logic of escalating superhero sequels, Amazing Spider-Man 3 will have to have…what, seven villains? Nine? How many more villains does Spider-Man even have? Thank god they have multiples on those Goblins, or else they'd have to start using repeats.  Read More...




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