The Following Recap: Keeping It in the Family

One of the things that The Following has going for it is the way its concept allows for constant surprises. Not the slow-building kind, where the suspense is generated from when an attack will actually happen. In The Following, the question has always been about the “who.” Because Joe’s followers could be anyone … and the show does mean that literally … at any point it might be revealed that a character we thought was good is actually bad.


The Following didn’t exploit this potential as much as it could have last season. None of its main characters turned out to be working for Joe. Little Joey turned out just to be a regular old kid who spent all that time with Emma because she was the first older girl he’d ever met, not because she was secretly under his command. Last night, though, The Following finally remembered how convenient a device this could be and delivered a twist: The lone survivor of the subway stabbings, Lily, is actually a follower — a follower of this new cult, that is, not Joe’s musty old one. In fact, she’s maybe not a follower at all but the leader. She might be the new Joe. What do we really know about her anyway? That she’s celebrated for spouting rhetoric about death themes found in art and that she’s obsessed with Ryan Hardy? Sounds like The Following’s definition of a cult leader to me.  Read More...


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