'Ravenswood' finale': Will Miranda have a chance at happiness?

On the season finale of "Ravenswood," there is so much awesome. So much.The CurseRemy, Luke and Olivia do some research into the bloody-eyed boy Remy saw last episode. He's Ryan Atwater, who it turns out is sort of the teens' conduit into the past -- he showed Olivia the lab fire at the school, not Abby. They go to the mayor's office to see if Ryan will show them what happened to Mayor Matheson.In a flashback courtesy of Ryan (so everyone can see it), Dillon is revealed as Mr. Matheson's killer, shouting, "I don't want to die" as he stabs the mayor in the chest. But as Dillon was stashing the bloody knife inside Mrs. Matheson's coat, he touched a book and left a bloody thumbprint on in the inside cover. Back in the present, Remy has the evidence in her hot little hand.But Dillon knows something is up because he breaks into Remy's house...



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