Seriously, how cute are 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' Captain Holt and his husband?

It's a double-dose this week of"Brooklyn Nine-Nine", fans. One after the Super Bowl, and now another, celebrating Captain Holt's (Andre Braugher) birthday. And we're finally meeting his husband, Kevin Cozner (Marc Evan Jackson.) Happy Birthday Captain Holt!Kevin invites the entire precinct to Holt's birthday party, and while Holt is happy they're all coming, he tells Peralta (Andy Samberg) that he doesn't believe Kevin is going to like him. Bad move. Peralta's main mission is to make sure Kevin likes him. Terry (Terry Crews) gives them some basic pointers for grown-up parties, since it's pretty clear none of them are emotionally capable of handling anything civilized. Which is why we like this show.Kevin heads the Classics Department at Columbia, leaving Peralta with absolutely nothing in common with him, since the classics he knows are Zeppelin and Hendrix (as he tells Kevin.) The whole group gets "be appropriate" assignments from Terry to try and make small talk...


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