Justified Season 5 Review “Shot All to Hell”

This week’s Justified cleared out a lot of superfluous characters – which was good. But, it also left me wondering why we needed them in the first place. The Haitian took a shotgun blast to the chest, the Sheriff was assassinated over breakfast, Boyd murdered Paxton, and Paxton’s wife got the shaft. That eliminated a lot of the distractions and left us with a good old fashioned power struggle between Boyd and Cousin Johnny, and a moment of truth for Rayland and Art.

There were a couple things that didn’t sit right. The first is Ava’s almost release from prison. Boyd creates chaos in the case against her when he kills Paxton (which begs the question why he didn’t do that earlier), and it looks like Ava is going to be back in the loving arms of her murdering psychopath fiancé. Not so fast. The night before her release, the prison guard who previously attempted to assault her shows up, finds a shank under her bed, stabs and cuts himself, and frames her. The only thing more implausible than this sequence of events is Danny Strong as a prison guard. This ends the happy Crowder reunion as Ava is shipped to the state penitentiary, where Boyd is unlikely to have any allies.




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