Arrow Season 2 Review “Heir to the Demon”

When will people learn that you cannot run from your past? It will always find you, and it will always destroy whatever illusion you’ve created for yourself in the present. Running, hiding, and lying never works out well in the end. You end up hurting the ones you were trying to save and losing what you were trying to protect. A few folks in Starling City found that out the hard way in this week’s Arrow.

Sara Lance showed up at Laurel’s apartment after Oliver told her about Laurel’s situation, and it’s a good thing she did. It looked like Laurel had overdosed, so Laurel ended up in the hospital. As it turns out, Laurel hadn’t overdosed. She was poisoned by snake venom. It was Ras Al Gul’s daughter Nyssa’s way of getting Sara’s attention. When that didn’t have the desired effect, Nyssa kidnapped Dinah Lance and threatened to kill her unless Sara came back into the League of Assassins fold. And it wasn’t necessarily because Ras Al Gul wanted it. Nyssa and Sara were an item, and Nyssa didn’t take it too well when Sara ran off. Sara said she left because she was tired of all he killing, and I don’t think she was lying about that. We don’t know all the details of how Sara ended up with the League, but it seems pretty clear that she joined them out of fear and desperation. She didn’t feel like she had any other option at the time, and that choice has haunted her ever since. When Nyssa refused to free her from the League, Sara decided the only way to save her family, and what was left of her soul, was to die. She traded herself for Dinah, but she neglected to mention to anyone that she had also ingested some of the snake venom too. If your ex-girlfriend would rather die than come back with you, Nyssa, it’s really time to just move on. Ultimately, Oliver was able to save Sara and Nyssa finally released her from her oath to the League. Things weren’t all rainbows and kittens though because then she had to go face her family.



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