Criminal Minds Season 9 Review “200?

After taking a week off last week, Criminal Minds returned tonight with the appropriately titled episode “200″. If you couldn’t tell by the rather obtuse episode title, this is the 200th episode of the show, so they’re celebrating the way that most shows do by trotting out as many guest stars as possible!

The actual story of the episode picks right back up where the last one ended, with JJ being abducted by some shadowy and mysterious figures. We quickly find out that she actually worked in Afghanistan trying to track down Bin Laden, and her kidnapper is Tivon Askari, an Iraqi interpreter that worked with her in Afghanistan. These torture scenes between JJ, Askari, and Cruz were definitely very tough to watch. It’s always difficult seeing a character that you’ve grown so close to after seeing her in so many episodes being brutally tortured like that. I didn’t really care about Cruz, and I continue to be annoyed by the weird flirtation that they had going on, but I was very happy to have this background into their relationship. It certainly helps me understand why they had such a strong connection, since they had to safeguard such an important state secret.



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