Supernatural Recap: Weight Loss Sucks


And here I thought "Peruvian fat-sucker" was just a metaphor. Friends, it's been a good while since Supernatural brought us a stand-alone monster episode that 1) had a scary monster and 2) didn't feel like a wheel-spinner keeping us from the mythology. Despite its monster-of-the-week beginnings, post-season-three Supernatural has frequently treated stand-alone cases as either particularly inspired experiments (i.e., Ben Edlund episodes) or alternatively, boring afterthoughts that did little else than make sure the season's mythology stretched to 22 episodes. Last week's Werewolf Garth episode felt very much like the latter; an exercise in mid-season fatigue that also had the unfortunate side effect of dragging a beloved character down with it. This week's episode, though? So good. Just a very good and excellent return to what Supernatural does best: freaking us out, making us laugh, and giving Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles something fun to do. Also, you know, Sam in yogawear.  Read More...


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