Did 'Nashville' out-soap itself in 'Too Far Gone?'

Up until now, "Nashville" has been able to walk the very fine line between drama and soap opera (minus the whole Season 1 finale car crash, of course). But on Wednesday (Feb. 5), the ABC southern series officially cemented its status as a soap.Sure, the drama was always present in copious amounts, but as mayor of Nashville Teddy Conrad (Eric Close) watches his ex-con, ex-father-in-law Lamar Wyatt (Powers Boothe) drop to the ground in front of him with his second (!) heart attack and does nothing while the man dies right in front of his eyes as revenge for Lamar orchestrating Teddy's wife's murder, it can't be denied any more. "Nashville" is a soap opera.Now, it's not like that's a horrible thing. Soap operas are entertaining with their over-the-top drama and are a great distraction from everyday life -- which is really all TV is. But what "Nashville" loses as a series by gaining...



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