'Sherlock' Season 4, Janine, the third Holmes brother and more from Steven Moffat

When will "Sherlock" Season 4 premiere? How has Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) changed since Season 1? Will Janine ever return? Executive producer Steven Moffat has some answers in an interview with IGN. Sherlock and datingDid you enjoy that brief moment when "Sherl" and Janine were dating? If so, you are in luck -- Moffat hints strongly that actress Yasmine Akram will return later in the series. "He'll see her again. They'll be pals," Moffat explains. "I loved Yasmine's performance as Janine -- she still likes him in the end. At some point, you know, if Sherlock Holmes has to go to a function and he needs a date, he'll phone her up. Now, he'll not expect her to say no. She'll be very cross with him, but she'll show up, and they'll have a good time. They will, because he likes her."Considering how amusingly self-serving Janine is in Season 3, any future dates may...



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