Helix Season 1 Review “Aniqatiga”

The disparate strands that make up the DNA of Helix bonded beautifully in this week’s captivating episode. “Aniqatiga” continued to build upon the strong character interactions that have elevated the previous two entries. It also expanded the series’ overall mythology in a manner that felt natural and for the first time gave me hope that this may be a show with more than one season’s worth of material.

Inside the base, progress is being made. Alan (Billy Campbell) and Sarah (Jordan Hayes) have discovered that the virus acts as a delivery system (supposedly for a cancer cure-all, though this information comes from Hatake, so it’s probably not true), and uncovered a way to dramatically slow its effects. Campbell and Hayes have great chemistry, and watching their characters work together to beat the virus (and Hatake) kept Helix‘s main story alive and moving forward while the new elements were introduced.

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