Black Sails Season 1 Review “III.”

One of the many tricks in the arsenal of purveyors of dramatic television is the runaround episode. All shows have a certain type of story they wish to tell, but the network is often the one who sets the construct of the season. Sometimes, these two things fail to mesh. This issue crops up all the time on network dramas forced to produce 22-24 episode seasons. Entire episodes during the season turn into exercises in throat-clearing as particulars shuffle around trying to position themselves for the next plot point. Mostly, it’s an reasonable strategy for shows forced to fill an unreasonable schedule. It’s one of the big reasons television luminaries of the past decade have been so drawn to cable television. The runs are shorter, the story possibilities expand, and fewer people are around to give you notes. However, on Black Sails, it seems the only part of the cable television landscape they’re willing to exploit is the ability to show nude bodies on screen.


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