The Walking Dead Season 4 Review “After”

It’s finally back, folks! It may have only been a couple months since the mid-season finale back in December, but it sure felt a lot longer than that! Yes, The Walking Dead returned tonight with “After”, as we see what’s happened to a few members of our ragtag group of survivors since the climactic battle of the prison. It’s safe to say that neither group here has been faring particularly well, but they’re definitely handling their newfound predicaments a little differently.

In a very cool callback to the very first episode, we started the episode with a zoom in on a tank that is being swarmed by zombies. This caught us back up with Michonne, who has reverted to the lone wolf status that she was in when we were introduced to her, even going so far as to neuter and leash a couple more zombie pets to drag around. I really enjoyed this dialog-free opening scene, and I was very surprised to see quasi-cameos from David Morrissey and Scott Wilson, as Michonne sees The Governor and Hershel on the ground. It really brought me back to all of the bloodshed in last year’s mid-season finale, and it was especially effective to see Hershel’s zombie head on the ground, opening and closing his mouth. I had totally forgotten that his brain wasn’t killed, and that it was just his head that was cut off.



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