Intelligence Season 1 Review “Patient Zero”

Gabriel and Riley headed to Texas to track down a supposedly-dead killer who had been infected with an experimental virus by a rogue government group. If that feels like a mouthful, it’s because “Patient Zero” was an episode of Intelligence that had a few too many ideas. The result was a collection of interesting concepts that never got a chance to fully develop.

I actually found it interesting to see Intelligence put its agents up against a virus. Of course, in order for the manhunt to have any action, patient zero needed to be some sort of criminal. However, going with a death-row inmate was a little much, especially since it required an entire opening dedicated to his faked execution. Honestly, an entire episode dedicated to finding this kind of criminal, trying to figure out how he faked his death, would be fun to see. Having the virus involved as well, though, led to a lot of convenient plot points, such as the convict’s girlfriend quickly deducing that he was patient zero.

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