Penn Jillette Talks TIM’S VERMEER, His Friendship with Tim Jenison, How the Project Emerged, and Misuse of the Term Genius, Plus the Horror Film DIRECTOR’S CUT

Penn & Teller’s acclaimed documentary, Tim’s Vermeer, is not the first look into Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s likely use of optics in his work but it’s certainly one of the most fascinating.  Produced by Penn Jillette and directed by Teller, the film focuses on visionary inventor Tim Jenison’s meticulous research into how Vermeer was able to paint so photo-realistically 150 years before the invention of photography.  Unlike most documentaries, they had no idea at the start how it would turn out.  The most intriguing aspect is watching Tim’s attempt to prove his hypothesis by painstakingly recreating Vermeer’s The Music Lesson using only the tools and materials Vermeer would have had available in the 17th century.




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