DOWNTON ABBEY Recap: “Season 4, Episode 6?

Downton Abbey was a house of secrets this week, but of course, it’s also a house where secrets don’t stay secret for long.  As we wind down to the end of the season, the stakes hinted at earlier this year are starting to payoff, and they didn’t even have to kill anyone off to achieve it (there’s still time!)  Revelations of many kinds defined this hour, and have set up some intense drama for the rest of the season.  Hit the jump for why “we expect to get what we pay for.”

This fractured episode of Downton (everyone was off doing their own thing) was unified by its theme of secrets and their revelations. What happened to Anna, and why Bates can’t accompany Robert to America, is now known to Mary.  But Mary is trustworthy, and it is, as Anna herself said, a relief that she doesn’t have to keep hiding things from her.  Plus, as we all know (and Mary pointed out), Mary also had a grave secret that required not only silence, but actually involved moving a corpse.  So, there’s that.




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