The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 7: "Red Bulls"

Jane and Lisbon's CBI team are directed to join forces together with Bosco's CBI team to try and track a kidnapped sister of a wealthy family. There's tension for about the first half of the episode between Jane and Bosco, which i'm sure was expected by any viewers that have watched this series. But in the end Bosco and Jane sort-of set aside their personal differences and do what they do best.

This was a great episode from the start and was carefully and intelligently splayed together and intertwined with a previous kidnapping case that didn't turn out very well after the ransom was paid. This time, years later, appears the same kidnappers have struck again but with a twist involving the previous victim's spouse that the Officer investigating that case at the time had a correct hunch on but had no evidence to link the suspect at the time.

Meanwhile, Rigsby and Van Pelt finally start to grow closer and one confesses their love for the other and also takes a harsh lesson to heart. This episode leads you to believe, like most kidnapping cases, that maybe it was an inside job... That you need to watch and figure out, i can't spill ALL the beans! LOL


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