New Trailer for TRANSCENDENCE Starring Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, and Rebecca Hall

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for Wally Pfister‘s directorial debut Transcendence.  The sci-fi film stars Johnny Depp as Dr. Will Caster, a researcher at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence science who becomes intimately entwined with his research after an attack by the anti-technology terrorist group, R.I.F.T.  Whereas the first trailer was a quick rundown of the film’s premise, this second trailer shows things down a bit to give us a good look at what Pfister has put together.  The pic looks like a tense and trippy science-fiction thriller almost in the vein of Videodrome, and I’m very curious to see to what extent Pfister explores the larger implications of tech-growth in our digital age.  My only qualm with this trailer is that it looks like it might be giving away too much of the story, but hopefully Pfister is keeping further surprises under wraps.




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