True Detective Recap: Use Your Wet Noodle


It doesn’t matter whether the story you’re telling centers on frayed, alcoholic investigators looking into psychosexual mutilation or quirky but affable lawmen peering into some white-collar caper. When cops and crooks play cat and mouse, the bad guys are almost certain to incite a chain reaction via hubris that exceeds their wits, while those in pursuit will play loose with their authority and contribute to a reckoning with no way out.


That’s exactly where Cohle finds himself in the final minutes of “Who Goes There,” a title that could rightly be posed as an incredulous question to both Hart and Cohle amid their biker-bar and stash-house exploits. The latter protagonist is high and willingly (if without actual CID awareness, let alone permission) undercover among the Iron Crusaders, an East Texan biker gang he once infiltrated that has ties to Reggie Ledoux. He’s urging for cooler heads and an exit plan when the strategy of impersonating officers and ransacking an area housing project’s dope supply invariably goes awry. No such luck. Shots are fired, Cohle scurries for cover and backup with gang member Ginger in tow, and covers are blown in a fashion that would seem absurd if a neighborhood of armed assailants weren’t bearing down.  Read More...


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