'Teen Wolf' Season 3: 7 reasons why evil Stiles would be the best villain

At the end of the "Teen Wolf" episode, "Silverfinger," it became all too clear that something was wrong with Stiles. Whether or not everyone's favorite sidekick has been possessed by a nogitsune -- and whether or not Stiles knows anything about this -- it doesn't look good.Stiles could very well end up being the big enemy of "Teen Wolf" Season 3. And that could be incredible. Here are 7 reasons why.1. Emotional pain and suffering for everyone!According to Silverfinger himself, killing is the only way to defeat a nogitsune. If Stiles is indeed possessed by one, that means that the heroes of "Teen Wolf" will have to kill him. Think about what that means for Scott -- could he even conceive of killing his best friend? Could any of the others harm a guy whose likability is second only to Danny?The chances of "Teen Wolf" actually killing off Stiles might be low, but it's...



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