'Pretty Little Liars' costume designer Mandi Line: 'Shadow Play' was a 'learning experience' that she welcomed

"Pretty Little Liars" is debuting a bold experiment on Tuesday, Feb. 11 when "Shadow Play" transports the girls (via Spencer's sleep-deprived, Adderall-fueled brain) to the 1940s. Everything about the episode is gorgeous, from the lighting to the makeup to the cinematography.Of course, the costumes play an enormous role in creating the real feel of a black-and-white film noir piece. Costume designer Mandi Line tells Zap2it that for once, instead of letting her have free reign over the costumes, the show's executive producer Joseph Dougherty (who wrote and directed "Shadow Play") was very specific about what they wanted for the episode -- but that was a good thing."Joseph was very insistent that the 'Pretty Little Liars' did not fall into this time, the time fell on them -- you take the time and you put it on them. We went to all the different rental houses and [the costumes] are all from the 1940s. ... We...



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