Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review “Shadow Play”

In a superlative episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” things took a turn for the Noir in “Shadow Play,” which functioned as a sort-of alternate reality version of the show set in another time, another place. If ever there was a cast born to be in Noir-type film, it’s this one. Shot mostly in luxurious black and white, this was a lot of fun- if more than a little cryptic in a way we’re not entirely used to. Don’t get me wrong, the whole show is cryptic in a sense, but what are we to make of all that happened in this episode?

For one, most of the episode was posited as a hallucination induced by Spencer overdoing it a bit with the pill popping. So, how much of this stuff actually happened at all? Can we trust any of it? Obviously, the non-B&W parts are fine, but what of what transpired within the hallucination? Some of it was clearly stylized and meant to be fake, but there was also some stuff in there that was pretty plausible.



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