Killer Women (ABC) Review “In and Out”

The trend has been broken.

The killer women in “In and Out” were greedy basketball wives miffed over having their allowances cut. (What horrible fate would befall them if their dogs couldn’t eat fresh lobster?) It’s not that their husbands were saints either, but their indiscretions didn’t warrant murder. However, the show spinning the murdered spouse as a secret good guy– he was going to leave his wife for a nurse who worked with sick children because she saw his “sweet, country boy heart” –wins the most ridiculous plot twist ever award. Once a cheater, always a cheater and any guy who slept with all of best friends’ wives isn’t one you want to hang around. Nor should all of the blame for his bad choices be placed on the women he surrounded himself with, even though they were admittedly terrible people. The love of a good woman idea is only fit for country songs; the idea that anyone is purely “good” is just silly and people can’t look to others to “save them.” The lack of accountability in the A-plot was distressing on every level.



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