Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “Act Naturally”

It’s the last episode of Hart of Dixie before it’s time-slot change and, while ‘Act Naturally’ wasn’t a particularly earth-shattering visit to Bluebell, it did raise a lot of new issues for Zoe and the rest of the gang to deal with when they return. George and Tansy are over all over again, AnnaBeth and Lavon aren’t headed for a reunion anytime soon and, much to Zoe and Joel’s distress, Zoe’s mother is planning to move to Bluebell in order to compete with the Wilkes for a slot in her life.

It’s a nice change to see family members fighting over Zoe for a change when, just a year ago, she practically had to beg for a little bit of familial affection. It almost makes me want Wade and Vivian to make a go of things (I said almost), just so Zoe can have her level-headed cousin around for good. My guess is that if and when things go the way of Crazy Earl’s ‘Zade’ prophecies, however, Vivian Wilkes may want a little less to do with Bluebell – especially it’s retired town doctor. Maybe there’s a way for Zoe to get the guy and the family?




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