Justified Season 5 Review “Shoot the Messenger”

This week’s Justified did a good job of moving the various storylines forward. Boyd continued his quest to become a drug lord, Raylan continued his strategy against the Florida Crowes of seek-and-annoy, and Ava discovered the harsh reality of being incorporated in the general population into the state penitentiary.

I was afraid that we were going to get some offensive rape scenario with Ava in prison, so I am glad that they did not go down that path. Instead, when Ava is integrated with the rest of the hardened criminals, she gets a massive beatdown. Her assailant, Gretchen, is motivated by Boyd’s abandonment of his white supremacist ways. I liked this angle. It reminds us that while Boyd is a bad man, he used to be a lot worse. I also liked the way that Boyd handles the situation. When he learns about the attack on Ava, he recruits Daryl Crowe to brutally beat Gretchen’s brother. Good ol’ Kentucky justice.  Read More..



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